Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with thy god

Micah 6:8

Hope In Ryde

West Ryde Family Church

We are a Christadelphian Church that believes the Bible is God’s true word. We have been in the West Ryde area for over 90 years and are in Maxim Street.

Who are the Christadelphians?

We are a community of men and women around the world who believe the Bible is the wholly inspired word of God. 

We believe the Bible tells us everything we need to know about God and his son Jesus, how we should be living our lives and how we can have a real hope in the future.


Each of us is on a unique journey through life. There are many satisfying and joyful times, such as finding love, the birth of a baby, starting a new job, witnessing a beautiful sunrise…

Yet there are times in life where despair sets in. Death of loved ones. Abusive relationships. Poverty.  Unemployment. Chronic ill health. Bullying.  Violence. Repressive regimes. Anxiety, depression, mental illness. Global warming and destruction.  And at the present time, reactions to the worldwide pandemic include widespread fear and despair.

Despair is the lack of hope for a better future.  It is a strong emotional belief that nothing will improve, that we will be stuck in the same problem. It is related to discouragement, a loss of courage, hope, and ambition because of obstacles and frustrations. Hopelessness is a loss of hope so complete as to result in a more or less permanent state of passive despair.

Most of us have felt a lack of hope at times in our lives. But when hopelessness becomes established, we can feel powerless to change anything. There is no hope.

So, what exactly is hope?

Hope has many subtle definitions, but in essence it means to want something that is possible.  Having hope changes everything.  It makes an unbearable situation become bearable.

We at West Ryde Family Church have hope for a wonderful future for our planet earth and its inhabitants. This is an exciting and very real hope based on a belief and faith in God and what He has told us through the ages, recorded in the Bible.  This hope has the power to transform our lives right now.

The Bible tells us that God can do anything and that he always tells the truth.  Christian hope is based on confidence that things will happen because God has promised they will happen. It gives us absolute confidence that no matter what happens, the world will not be destroyed by a virus or by nuclear war, and that it will be restored to health and beauty when his son Jesus returns to earth to reign in an amazing kingdom based on love and harmony and justice.

Every one of us can be part of this future age of utopia.